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Financial Advice made simple.

We are a boutique financial services firm offering services from Small to Medium Entities and Individual clienteles. Established in 1991, our firm prides itself in the personal services it offers.

Your financial needs will be looked after by our trusted professionals, whether it is tax, financial planning or accountancy. At Vargiu, we acknowledge that we have an obligation to serve our clients and profession.

We provide a 30 minute fee free initial consultation to our new clients where we will also provide an insight into our business. It is our goal to build a strong long term relationship with our clients as we pride ourselves on offering a professional and friendly service.



Income Tax Returns

We prepare income tax returns for individuals, partnerships, sole traders, businesses, self-managed super funds, companies and trusts. We work closely with our clients to establish the best possible result.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is vital for individuals and business owners. Our process involves an analysis of your financial statements, projected income and projected expenses for the remaining months of the financial year.  After analysing your financial statements, we will assess a number of possible tax strategies. We will recommend actions for you to take prior to 30th June to legally minimise your tax liability - thereby obtaining the best possible result for you. Tax planning can also include reviewing the structure of your business. The challenge is establishing how to align the commercial needs of your business with its tax requirements in a way that produces the best possible result. We will always work with you to identify potential problems before they occur. We can help you find the right solution, not only for tax purposes but to strengthen your business.  Effective tax planning can improve the cash flow of your business, whilst working towards the long term objective of increasing your wealth.


Risk Insurance

The best planning in the world can be jeopardised with the sudden loss of ability to earn income, or worse still, loss of life. Here at Vargiu, we provide advice in a wide range of wealth protection Insurances. This includes:

  • Life - to cover should you suddenly die and could no longer be there to provide for your family
  • Total and or permanent disablement - designed to help take the pressure off you financially if you suffer an illness or injury that leaves you totally and permanently disabled
  • Trauma, critical illness or crisis cover - allows for a lump sum payment if you suffer at least one of the defined Critical Illness events, such as a heart attack, cancer, stroke, etc.
  • Business Expenses - to cover your business expenses (office rent, regular business mortgage repayments or business loan instalments, equipment leasing costs etc) while you are recovering from your injury and or sickness
  • Income Protection - to cover up to 75% of your income if you are unable to work due to an accident or sickness
Asset Protection

Asset protection is an area that has received a great deal of focus as more people look at putting their assets out of the reach of creditors.

Our mission is to provide an outstanding service in making you an astute, educated and informed investor capable of making your own investment decisions. Where necessary we will establish as part of your wealth creation program the highest quality Tax Structures available to implement an array of Asset Protection strategies.

Personal Financial Advice

Planning & Budgeting

At Vargiu, we have professional advisers who can help you deal with various personal financial issues through proper planning. This includes but is not limited to these major areas:

  • Cash flows
  • Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Aged care
  • Estate Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Insurance Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Business Succession Planning

With over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, you can be assured that when preparing appropriate solutions for your planning needs, we have covered it.

We want our clients to have access to unbiased accounting and financial planning expertise. So when searching for the right products, we have access to a wide range of providers to choose from. We use this variety to find the best solution for YOU.


Looking for a Home and or Investment loan? We can arrange and refer you to our specialist Mortgage brokers.

Wealth Creation


Superannuation is one of the most tax effective ways of investing to accumulate wealth for retirement.

We provide advice on personal, corporate superannuation and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.

Self-managed funds are established and managed with the assistance of our Accountant (Leonardo Vargiu FCA CFP) and Financial Adviser (Mario Di Martino DipFP ADFS AFP). We will consider your needs and work with you to develop a superannuation strategy which will assist you in achieving your financial objectives.

As experienced advisers we can assist you in making investment choices to gain the best maximum returns. We have information from our research houses where we have a vast array of investment products. We can design an investment portfolio comprising of a mix of asset classes to reflect your tolerance of risk and investor profile.

Margin Lending (or Gearing) is a tax effective way of borrowing for additional shares and/or managed funds. This increases your exposure to the market and therefore potential gains.

The suitability of this strategy highly depends on your circumstances. We are more than happy to have a chat with you to discuss the strategies available in comparison to your circumstances.

For your appointment – Individuals

  • PAYG Payment Summaries from employers, centrelink, terminations & lump sums
  • Bank interest & employee share scheme documentations
  • If unsure, details of any other income
  • Summaries of receipts from work related expenses
  • Details of work related travel and if over 5,000km then a log book
  • Self-education expenses
  • Donations
  • Last year’s tax return (if you are a new client)
  • Spouse income – if return not being completed at the same time
  • Private health Insurance details
  • BSB and Account Number for tax return

As for investors, please refer below:

For your appointment – Investors

  • Dividend statements, including where dividends are reinvested
  • Tax statements from managed funds
  • Interest charged on margin loans and other investment loan products
  • Details of any shares or investments purchased or sold
Rental Properties
  • Agent’s annual statement/summary of income received
  • Details of any costs such as rates, water, insurance, repairs, travel, etc
  • Depreciation reports if available
  • Loan statements
Financial Planning
  • All superannuation and insurance documents currently held
  • Centrelink statements
  • Proof of Identification (Driver’s Licence)


Tax Compliance

Business - Tax Returns

If you operate a small business as a sole trader, partnership, company or trust, we can help you with:

  • your assessable income
  • your allowable deductions
  • claiming common deductions
  • understand the credits and tax offsets that may be available to you
  • lodging an annual income tax return
  • access other useful publications and products

As a business you would need to prepare an activity statement to report and pay a number of tax obligations, including GST, pay as you go (PAYG) instalments, PAYG withholding and fringe benefits tax reports. Here at Vargiu, we can make this process easy and headache free. We can also help with preparing Activity statements for individuals who need to pay quarterly PAYG instalments.

Business Management

Management Accounting – Business

Management accounting is concerned with the provisions and use of accounting information to managers within your organisations, to provide you with the basis to make informed business decisions that will allow you to be better equipped in your management and control functions.
Leo Vargiu (FCA) is experienced in identifying methods of controlling costs to make the business more efficient and therefore increasing its profits.

Budgeting – Business

Here at Vargiu we can help create a Budget plan that outlines your organisation's financial and operational goals. This budget may be thought of as an action plan whether you are planning on starting a business or reviewing businesses allocated resources, performance etc. Our experienced team provides information on calculating your start up and operating expenses.

Bookkeeping Assistance

We are happy to provide the training and support in MYOB, Quickbooks and Zero that will enable you to support your business and take control. We can also provide guidance on what accounting software will work best for your business.

If bookkeeping is not your forte

We are more than happy to assist you by sorting out your accounts. We will bring them up to date, no matter how behind, how complex or how many bank accounts you may have at an affordable price.


Superannuation/Employer Superannuation

Superannuation, following recent government changes, has made it one of the most tax effective ways of investing to accumulate wealth for retirement and it is vital that you maximise the value for your superannuation dollar.

We provide advice on personal and corporate superannuation as well as Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

We will consider your needs and work with you to develop a superannuation strategy which will assist you in achieving your financial objectives.


Succession planning & keyman insurance – business

Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill key leadership positions in the company. Succession planning increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume these roles as they become available. Taken narrowly, "replacement planning" for key roles is the heart of succession planning

We believe that the fundamental idea behind succession-management is that the greater good of the enterprise relies on a healthy management structure. This is critical to the long jeopardy and prosperity of a business with a changing management structure.

Keyman Insurance

Keyman is a type of life insurance policy to protect a business in the event of the death or incapacity of key personnel (eg owners, directors).

It can be described as an insurance policy taken out by a business to compensate that business for financial losses that would arise from the death or extended incapacity of the member of the business specified on the policy. The aim is to compensate the business for losses and facilitate business continuity. Key person insurance does not indemnify the actual losses incurred but compensates with a fixed monetary sum as specified on the insurance policy.

An employer may take out a key person insurance policy on the life or health of any employee whose knowledge, work, or overall contribution is considered uniquely valuable to the company.

This form of insurance is crucial to you as the employer because it is an offset to the costs (such as hiring temporary help or recruiting a successor) and losses (such as a decreased ability to transact business until successors are trained) which you are likely to suffer in the event of the loss of a key person.


Retirement Planning

For most people retirement is a time to look forward to having more time to enjoy the things they love most. Most importantly, it can also be a time when individuals become concerned about making decisions which will affect their financial future.

Major decisions need to be made, for example:

  • When will I retire?
  • How much money will I need?
  • Will I be able to afford the lifestyle I lead now?
  • Where can I get help if I need it?

Experience has shown that early planning will allow our clients to make the most of their hard earned money.
As professional advisers we can show you how to maximise your retirement income whilst carefully assessing current tax legislation and possible Social Security entitlements.


Self managed super funds offer flexibility so that they can be structured to meet the specific investment needs of members. Self-managed funds are established and managed with the assistance of our Accountant (Leonardo Vargiu FCA CFP) and Financial Adviser (Mario Di Martino DipFP ADFS AFRA).

Superannuation Consolidation

Keeping all of your superannuation benefits in one place makes sense. By transferring your other superannuation fund accounts into one fund you'll be able to grow your retirement savings more efficiently.

The more superannuation funds you have your retirement savings in, the more you may be paying in administration fees. By consolidating your superannuation into one account, you could reduce the cost of saving for your retirement. We make it easier to keep track of your superannuation investment by combining all your superannuation accounts. Having all your superannuation in one account reduces your paperwork and makes it easier to keep track of where your superannuation is invested and how it's performing.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging for the disposal of an estate. We use Estate planning to attempt to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of a probate and maximise the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. It is critical to ensure your remaining assets are dispersed correctly and your Will is carried out exactly the way you want it. This includes the organising of guardians which are designated for minor children and beneficiaries in incapacity.

Centrelink – Retirement

Planning for your retirement can begin at any age. In general, the sooner you start planning, the better. Some people choose to continue to work into their retirement.
Work can be paid or voluntary and keeps you connected with the community by sharing your skills. Others choose to enhance their skills by undertaking study, sometimes for the first time. It is important to plan ahead to fund the lifestyle that you wish to have when you retire.

Retirement Services:

  • Special Disability Trusts
  • Veterans Services
  • General Services and Programs
  • More services and programs for retirement
  • Concession and health care cards
  • Age Pension claim forms and information
  • Income and Assets form
  • More claim forms to help you in retirement

Wealth Creation – Retirement

Here at Vargiu, we use a process which involves the building of assets by means of careful investment into asset based investments, usually over a long period of time so as to achieve an income stream that will ensure a continuation of a high quality lifestyle in the years beyond retirement.

We use Wealth Creation through the combination of materials personal assets, unused funds and excess capital in such a way as to capture a profit which would otherwise be underutilised.

Why Vargiu?

As a firm, we acknowledge that we have an obligation to serve our clients and our profession. To fulfill these obligations is the primary goal of our firm. We see these obligations also as challenges to us to do the quality work that is expected of the professionals:

  • To provide excellent personal service to our clients in all areas appropriate for the accounting and financial planning profession.
  • To ensure excellence in client service through maintaining the highest level of competence, independence and integrity within the firm.
  • To be involved in the contribute to the advancement of the accounting and financial planning profession, our community and our nation.
  • To provide within the firm the opportunity for personal and professional advancement, growth in skills and personal interrelationships and rewarding work experiences.
  • To expand our scope of service and circle of clientele by developing and improving special skills and expertise.


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